iMovie for PC – The Best Movie Editing Program

If you are a fan of iMovie but you are a Windows user for some reasons, you might have searched for ‘iMovie for PC’ hundreds of times but without success. Here is your chance to run this amazing movie making software program on a Windows computer.

iMovie for PC - The Best Movie Editing Program

Keep reading to find out how to make this possible.

Why so many people want iMovie for PC ?

iMovie for PC isn’t available. This is a top program for editing videos on iOS but unfortunately, the developers haven’t worked on a PC version yet.

Still, there are hundreds and thousands of people who want this software for their Windows computers.

So despite the fact that there are a number of alternatives to iMovie for Windows, people still insist on using this Apple exclusive software for editing movies. Have you ever thought why?

Here are some reasons.

  • iMovie is one of the best software for editing movies when it comes to features. You will find all the professional editing features in this program. Once you have installed it, you won’t need to look for another editing program again.
  • You can merge, split, cut, crop, and do all sorts of enhancements to your movies using this program.
  • It saves you time since editing movies using this program is easy, unlike other programs that include a steep learning curve.
  • When you edit your videos using this program, you can easily share them with your friends. You just need to hit the Share button to share it to social media platforms of your choice.
  • You can add credentials to your movies.

How iMovie works on Mac?

Before you look into the method to use iMovie for PC, you should learn how it works on Mac. Below are some of the highlights how this program makes your life easier when it comes to making and editing your videos.


  • You can create videos in iMovie or import the ones that you have captured using your camera. You can choose templates already available in the program.
  • You can enhance your videos using industry-standard filters such as brightness, contrast, chroma, color balance, and noise.
  • Once you have treated your video for visual enhancements, you can easily edit your video using a timeline. The timeline is user-friendly so it takes only a few minutes to edit your video to match your needs.
  • You can finally add visual effects to improve the overall look of your video. To personalize the videos, you can also add audio.
  • If you like the final video, you can export it in different formats. You can also share it on social media once the video is final.

How to download iMovie for PC?

Although there is no official version of this amazing program for PC like 123movies app, you can still run it on a computer running Windows. But I bet you will need plenty of technical knowledge to achieve this feat.

Apple doesn’t want you to use their proprietary software on Microsoft Windows. So they have put so many checks that it would be difficult for a non-tech guy to make it possible.

Still, if you want to give it a try, you will need to install VMware and Parallel desktop software to emulate iOS on Windows. Once you have these two software programs running, you can run iOS apps.


The problem is that both these program are paid and the cost of emulating iOS environment on Windows is huge. That’s a route no one would like to take.

Are there any alternatives to iMovie?

So you ask, is there an alternative?

I know what you are thinking. You want to run the iMovie program but you are ready to use another program if it does the job. For you, there are a number of options.

Here are some of the best iMovie alternatives for you.

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