Whatsapp Plus 2016 APK Download for Android

Whatsapp is the leading Messenger for instant messaging. Its use has been growing rapidly in the world. All Android Mobile Phone user are ready to get Whatsapp Plus 2016 APK Download for Android.

Some people are using this mobile app for sending and receiving text messages. Its call feature has made it even more popular among masses.

Whatsapp Plus 2016 is an extension of this fastest growing instant messenger. It has added colours to the already existing features.

The colours and backgrounds add to the fun you have chatting through this app.

You can select colours from a large variety of options available. Similarly, you can choose from a wide range of themes and backgrounds.

Once you install the Whatsapp Plus APK, you can find the option to use all these features under the Call option in Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Plus 2016 provides you the opportunity to personalize your chats by assigning a different colour to them.

This is the time to get Whatsapp Plus 2016 APK Download for Android.

Whatsapp Plus 2016 APK Download for Android

If you want to install Whatsapp Plus 2016 APK, it is important to consider the following:

  • There should not be any older version of Whatsapp installed on your device.
  • The installation of Whatsapp Plus 2016 APK might affect the ROM in certain devices. It is recommended that you should not carry on with the installation or re-installation in such cases.
  • If you see the dialogue box asking you to adjust the date of your device, correct the date. If the same appears, update the version of your Whatsapp APK.

Android Users’ Review on Whatsapp Plus 2016 APK

A lot of users enjoy and love this Whatsapp mod. Even after knowing that it is not the verified version, they install the app.

The additional features offered in this app enhance the fun to chat and talk. The users appreciate the developers and are keen to recommend this app to their friends, family, and other contacts.

Whatsapp Plus 2016 APK Download for Android

They think that Whatsapp Plus 2016 has taken the original app to the next level.

Users appreciate the idea and efforts of the developers. They are positive about this app. But as is the case with most of the things in this world, this app too has its shortcomings.

Problems with Whatsapp Plus 2016

Though Whatsapp Plus 2016 is getting as much popularity as its verified original Whatsapp APK, still some users are facing a few issues.

As mentioned earlier, the ‘incorrect date’ issue is a constant headache for the users. Many users have reported that even after reinstallation, the app keeps on showing the same error.

Some users have also reported that the app does not initiate on their devices. Although the installation process is successful, still the app does not initialize properly. After a user enters his/her phone number, the app gets stuck and do not proceed with further operations.

The widget stays at the ‘enter number’ screen. Even if you reinstall the app after uninstallation, it starts with the same ‘enter number’ widget and does not proceed.

We hope the developers will be able to fix the issues since people are really enjoying it!

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