Download Whatsapp Latest Version for Android

Since Whatsapp is the most popular instant messenger, it is the first app anyone gets their hand on when they get a smartphone. This guide will help you download Whatsapp latest version for Android.

Download Whatsapp Latest Version for Android

Before this app, no one can ever think about using the online platform for our casual chats as well as the serious business discussions. Now, the majority of Whatsapp users have abandoned local messaging apps as they use Whatsapp for free messages and calls.

You can download and install Whatsapp on almost all smartphones. The app is free to download, and you don’t have to pay anything to make calls and send messages during the first year.

Take control of messages and calls with Whatsapp

You may send an invite to all your contacts and create your network using this app similar to the one you create through a local telecom provided SMS service.

Whatsapp offers you to send text, audio, and video messages to your contacts. You can also call other Whatsapp users.

If you have not tried this app till now, don’t wait any longer. Follow our simple installation instructions and get your hands on the most used and convenient messenger.

Since we have a wide range of devices using different operating systems, the installation procedure is also different for each of the operating systems.

Download Whatsapp Latest Version for Android

Android users can easily find this app in the Play Store. Simply click on the install button and your device is ready to provide you the services Whatsapp offers.

It will take hardly a minute to Download Whatsapp Latest Version for Android.

Download Whatsapp on IPhone

Like the app store for Android, Apple users also have an app store. They can easily download the app free of cost from there. The installation is simple.

Download Whatsapp for Nokia

Windows Phone or Nokia phones powered by Windows can easily access this app through the Windows app store.

But the Nokia phones following the Symbian platform do not have the option to download an app from a trusted official app store. In this case, a few websites offer you to download Whatsapp APKs and other related files.

But it is advised not to download the app from such sources. Sometimes these sources turn out to be unregistered and unknown.

A file downloaded from such a source may also corrupt your device. Therefore, it is better not to download the app from these sources.

Whatsapp Service Charges

The first time you install Whatsapp on your device, it is free of cost. But the free service is available for a year only. After one year, the users have to pay so they can continue using this app.

The service charges for Whatsapp after a year are 1USD or 0.75 Euro. You have to pay this amount once every year, not much for such a superb application!

Whatsapp has introduced a payment structure that allows you to pay your Whatsapp bill through Paypal, credit card or your iTunes account.

Whatsapp is available for iPad and PC – Is this true?

Yes, Whatsapp is available for iPad and PC. You can install the app on either of them. But one thing should be kept in mind. Whatsapp allows a single account to run on a single device. You can use any number to get the registration.

Download Whatsapp for Nokia
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