Download Latest Version of Whatsapp for BlackBerry Phones

Though a large proportion of smartphone users use devices that run on either Android operating system or iOS, yet there are some people who still use Blackberry devices and these people want to download the latest version of Whatsapp for BlackBerry phones.

Download Latest Version of Whatsapp for BlackBerry Phones

Whatsapp APK developers have considered these users and therefore Blackberry users can also enjoy the features that Whatsapp offers.

Whatsapp for Blackberry is also available free of cost. Blackberry users can access the app through App World – the Blackberry App Store.

The installation guide is similar to that for Android and IPhone users.

In order to enjoy the exciting features Whatsapp offers to its users, keep reading the article.

Whatsapp Features That Blackberry Users Can Enjoy

Whatsapp offers following features for Blackberry Users:

  • Whatsapp is available free of cost.
  • Blackberry users can send and receive text messages.
  • BB users can send audio and video messages.
  • Like any other Whatsapp user, BB users can also communicate with contacts stored on their phone using this app.

Although this chatting app is free to install, users will need to pay a small fee in order to renew their app after a year.

Download Latest Version of Whatsapp for BlackBerry Phones

There are two possible ways through which Blackberry users can install Whatsapp on their device without having to face a security threat of any sort.

  1. BB users can install Whatsapp through App World

  • Simply go to the BlackBerry App Store – App World.
  • Search Whatsapp.
  • Install the app.
  • Once installed, follow the instructions on your screen.
  • Your device is ready to use Whatsapp.
  1. BB users can download Whatsapp through the Whatsapp official website

The other option is to visit the official website of Whatsapp – Whatsapp Inc. and download the app from Blackberry terminal. It is easy but a little expensive. These are two ways to Download Latest Version of Whatsapp for BlackBerry Phones.

Whatsapp Voice

Whatsapp allows users to send and receive voice messages from other users. This feature has been recently added to the app. It is available for BB users also.

Whatsapp has the ability to download all the voice messages by default. Whenever you receive a voice message, it will be automatically downloaded to the music file on your device.

It is easy to use this feature. Simply hold the button and record whatever you want to say. Release the button and your message will be sent. It will be sent as quickly and easily as a plain text message.

Whatsapp Voice feature is also supported in the group chats.

Whatsapp Group Chats

The most exciting feature about Whatsapp is the group chat feature. Though group chat is not something new, the great news is that Whatsapp defines no limit to add people in a group.

It means that you can add unlimited people to your Whatsapp groups. You may also name the group whatever you like.

The person who creates a group is given the rights of an admin. He/she can add or remove participants of a group chat. The admin can also give the admin rights to other participants of the group chat.

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