Unlock the Secret to Play Candy Crush Saga on a Bigger Computer Screen

Candy Crush Saga is easily one of the most addictive games around these days. It is available for Android, iPhone, and PC. This means you may play this game on a computer without android emulator.

Keep on reading. This article will discuss two different methods to it on a PC.

Let’s play Candy Crush Saga for PC using an emulator

The first and the most preferred method to get this game on a laptop is to use an emulator. Here is how to do this.

  • Download your favorite android emulator. You can choose any emulator as long as it supports android games. If you want to take the hassle out of this step, simply download Bluestacks. It’s a free emulator and gives you plenty of options. You can run the latest android games using this application. Make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements to install this software.
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 4 GB free space on hard drive
    • Updated graphics drivers
    • You should have administrative privileges
  • Install the emulator on your PC. It should be fairly easy to install Bluestacks. If you are using any other program, read installation instructions and follow them carefully.
  • Now it’s time to start playing the game. With emulation running, you simply need to download it from Play Store. After installation completes, run it on the emulator. If you are going to play it often, make sure you move the app icon to your main screen in the emulator. You don’t want to search for it every time you want to play it.

Let’s play without an emulator

Many tutorials and guides on the internet claim that the only way play android games on a computer is to run it within an emulator. This is disinformation and outright dishonesty. There is another way to play this game on PC.

If you search for this game, you will find an online version of this app. This version is official as its being hosted on official website. In the online version, you get to enjoy the same game as you play on your mobile. The only difference is that you will play it inside a browser. Chrome browser works the best but you may enjoy it even when using Firefox or other popular internet browsers.

Troubleshooting: In case you can’t run the online version, try to refresh the page. Still not working? How about restarting the browser to clear cache? Switch your browser if nothing helps. There might be some issue with your browser.

Try Candy Crush Saga for PC using Facebook

There is yet another way to play mobile games on a laptop. Can you open Facebook in your browser? If yes, you’ve done half the mileage already. Play it by simply searching for it on Facebook. Click the app when it comes up and it will launch itself within the Facebook tab.

Candy Crush is probably one of the best social games. You get to compete with your friends on Facebook and try to lead them in terms of game score.

How to post photos on Instagram from PC

Instagram is probably the most common photo sharing app out there. Unfortunately, you need to use an android phone or iPhone to post images on this app. So if you want to know how to post photos on Instagram from PC, apparently there is no way out.

But as you know, there is always a way out. You only need to look into details. You may share your pictures on Instagram even when you don’t have a smartphone. You can use your computer and share your pictures with the world.

Learn to use instagram on a laptop

There is nothing complicated about it. To use it on computer, you simply need to install an android emulator on PC. You can install any emulator as soon as it lets you run android apps on PC or Mac.

Before you go ahead and spend your hard earned cash on a fancy android emulator, try Bluestacks or another free emulator. These free ones are good enough for running android applications and games on PC.

Here is step-by-step guide to help you run an emulator on your machine.

  • Download a free android emulator.
  • Install it by following simple instructions.
  • Run the emulator.
  • It will ask for Google credentials. Provide details of your account or create one if you don’t have a Google account already.

How to create account on Instagram from PC

You’re 99% done.

You’ve an android phone running on your computer now. You know what to do next. Simply open app drawer and run Play Store app. Search for Instagram and install the app.

Now it will appear in your apps within the emulator. Run the program and enter your account details. If you don’t have an account, you can create one now. Once you have created an account, you will learn to post photos.

Here is method to create an account within minutes.

  • Go to Sign up button in app.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Go your email inbox.
  • Open email.
  • Follow instructions to create your account.
  • Alternatively, you may sign up using your Facebook account.

Post photos on Instagram using a computer

Since the program is now working on PC and you’ve signed in to the app, it’s time to figure out how to post your pictures on this app from computer.

  • Using Windows: Assuming that you’re using MS Windows, you need to go to Camera button and then Other Files from within this application. From there, you should be able to pick files from Windows file explorer. Just add any pictures you want now.
  • Using OS X: If you are using a Mac, you will need to download ES File Explorer in emulator. Once you have this file explorer, you should locate files on a computer by selecting ‘pick from gallery’ and then ‘ES File Explorer’. You can easily open pictures folder from there.