Before I acquaint you with my most recent fixation – I have something that I have to admit…

Online networking is a dubious thing. It’s so natural to surrender to the allurement of delineating a way of life where everything is immaculate, where everything goes to play and you’re killing it at life (and I’ve unquestionably been liable of this on occasion). In any case, that simply isn’t the truth by and large. My F45 Challenge venture so far has been one more case of things not going to design… not in the scarcest.

I need to be straightforward with every one of you and not endeavor to escape the way that I have well and really tumbled off the temporary fad. It is anything but difficult to stay here and put down a ton of fault on various variables – I’ve as of late begun another activity and I’ve been occupied, I moved and that was unpleasant, my knee harms and my back murders, blah, blah, blah. Yet, in all actuality, I have come up short on the inspiration important to give another test my everything. It simply hasn’t been my need.

Be that as it may, it’s not all fate and anguish! While I haven’t been as committed as I would’ve preferred and haven’t accomplished indistinguishable outcomes from last time, it hasn’t been totally awful. I’ve been eating okay, I’ve been preparing in some cases, and I’ve lost 5kg, yet there is certainly opportunity to get better. I may never be the meaning of #bodygoals, yet the test isn’t finished yet and I will dependably continue attempting.

Instead of harping on my disappointments, I’d preferably center around the positives…. what’s more, damn this nutty coconut brekkie bowl has unquestionably been a positive in my life at this moment – I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF IT!

It’s so great even Daisy needs to get in on the activity.

With regards to the F45 supper designs, I generally wind up getting a charge out of the sweet dishes over the appetizing. There is commonly a bounty of protein and vegetables, so I wind up longing for the better breakfast and nibble alternatives. So far I’ve been adoring the smoothies, breakfast bowls and protein balls. I get it boils down to individual inclination and I’m certainly liable of having a sweet tooth.


This brekkie bowl contains 354 calories of flavor. To the extent fat substance goes, it’s on the higher end of things (32.8g) however it’s low carbs (9.3g), low sugar (3.7g) and super filling so I’m not grumbling.

Something that I cherish most about this formula is the manner by which speedy and simple it is to make. You can make numerous at once, abandon them in the refrigerator and get one when you’re prepared. It’s most likely excessively risky – I could eat this throughout the day, consistently!

Here’s the manner by which you make it:


  • 4 almonds, cleaved
  • 4 cashews, cleaved
  • 2 tsp, coconut pieces
  • 1/4 container raspberries, 130 g coconut yogurt (unsweetened)
  • squeeze cinnamon
  • squeeze stevia


  1. Consolidate the coconut yogurt with the almonds, cashews, coconut chips and raspberries in a bowl
  2. Sprinkle the cinnamon and stevia over best
  3. Eat up!

One tip that I have with regards to coconut yogurt is to search around in light of the fact that there are some very costly alternatives out there. Most stores move it for around $10-$14, anyway I found a brand in Woolworths (Nakula) that is just $7 and has the least calories out of every one of them, so it truly is a success win!

In the event that you’d like me to bring you more formulas that I’m cherishing, leave a remark beneath!

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